Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Little Prince

Naturally, when I first got here, I had to make the acquaintance of The Little Prince - poste haste. Somehow I'd thought he was a black cat, but no. He's a very handsome gray and white.

His love of sitting on the scooter instantly stole my heart away.

As did his FIERCE ATTACK CAT!!! pose.

Yeah. Real fierce.

I told him I'd try not to blow his cover...but this cat just loves his mama Livey.


Anonymous said...

So, how long are you going to be vacationing?

Livey said...

Snog dot, are you getting tired of her talking about me?!

Damn my house looks messy in those pics!

k said...

Well, who knows.

See, I busted up my back something fierce on this stump of Livey's. You know, working away digging it out. I have all the great pix ready, just figuring out how to post them in one post if I can.

Therefore the ER trip. And backs, of course, take a while to get better. Until then, a long distance drive is not a good idea.

So I told Livey she made that stump break my back so I'd stay here and cook some more. But with a messed up back, cooking's not so easy. So now she's not getting her dinners as regular as before, and she says I make a crappy *wife* after all and might as well go home. But I can't! Nope. I'm stuck here lazing around as the back gets better.


Looks like I worked it JUUUUUST right, doesn't it?

See what I mean?


sue said...

What a pretty cat! Somehow I pictured him smaller... lol

Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure if it was a vacation or if we have to go to Florida to pack her shit up and send it to you! Never get tired of hearing of your adventures.

Livey said...

hehe, she is devious! She makes it sound like I'm trying to get rid of her but I'm not.
Really, she is just using the back as an excuse!

Nancy said...

Hey K!

Hope the back feels better soon.

Livey!! Your little Prince isn't so little, and is a doppleganger for a cat I used to have.

((hugs)) to both of you.

Desert Cat said...

I too thought the Little Prince was a smaller black cat. I don't know where I got that image in my head.

Livey said...

You guys are weird. I've posted pics of him before!

Granny J said...

Cool cat. How is he on keyboards?

And now for the really Good News. You're It! Why? I got tagged & now I'm passing the pain along. Details at tonight's post.

Cindi said...

What a pretty cat! Makes me miss my kitty Moko. She was all grey.
Even though it has been several years since I had to have her "put down" I cry if I talk about her for very long.

k said...

snog dot, that was sweet! If you saw how much crap I loading into my Saturn to come here, you would bust a gut laughing. I should have got a nice pic.

nancy, thanks. I got really lucky with this one. It was ominous. Big time scary. Yet it ended up being the mildest back injury I've ever had, and it already feels better.

Let me tell you, everyone, the Little Prince is definitely NOT little. At. All. A very handsome boy, and a real sweetheart? Yes he is, for sure.

And granny j? He's WONDERFUL on keyboards. Why? He never goes near them. No cat hairs on our alphabets here!

He's an unusual cat in many respects.

I saw your tag and loved reading your meme. And despite my true pleasure at getting tagged, I rudely opted out of returning the favor, as usual. Somehow I never want to do them here. I just like reading other people's.

Cindi, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I only knew about Dexter.

Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of when I lost my Babycat. But I won't be sad for today. It's the 4th of July and a day meant to celebrate. I'll think that way about him too. At least for today.