Sunday, July 08, 2007

Be Sure to Watch Out for Bears

There WAS a little incident here a while back.

Here's what it looks like as you drive into the place. Livey's space is on the right. Another row of buildings is on the left, mostly 6 units per building, with a small space between each building in the row.

And this view is from Livey's storage bay, looking out.

See the space between the buildings?

One day as Livey worked away, a big ol' BEAR came wandering through there.

Didn't buy a damn thing, either.

We closed it up early yesterday and went shopping. Since summer's already halfway over here in the Northwoods, the retailers are suddenly deep-discounting lots of their summer garden stuff. I get to admire all these things I can't possibly grow in South Florida.

k LOVES yellow violets!


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k said...

maeve, every time I think of Livey's bear adventures I think of you! You left comments just about every time she posted a Bear Incident.

I'm SUPPOSED to see some bears here, myself. I will. I really will. I just KNOW it.