Friday, July 13, 2007

How the Little Prince Deigns to Drink His Water

In all my life, I've never seen a cat drink water this way.

First, he puts his paw in the water bowl. Sometimes he dips it several times. Like: poke poke!
-hesitate- poke!


he brings the paw up to his mouth...

and LICKS the water off his paw.


Moobear said...

Hi K,
I just want you to know how much your blog and Livey's blog {Northwood's Woman} means to me. I think what you and Walter and all the other bloggers did was nothing short of an inspiration from above. I do not use paypal nor do I want to. Although I would like to help on the computer expense. Could you possibly email me an address to mail some money to. My email address is chbunting at carolina dot rr dot com.
Thank you ever so much!!!

Kenny said...

my buddies cat drinks water like that, very funny to watch

sue said...

LOL... we have five cats and one of them drinks like this. It is very funny to watch - so dainty!

Desert Cat said...

Poochie used to drink water this way. Somewhere along the line she switched back to the conventional method. But she will sometimes still paw the water first.

I suspect it is an instinct that goes back to their native habitat where a pool of water in the forest may have leaves and debris floating on it. The first order of business then, is to clear a spot on the surface to lick from.

Jean said...

I wonder if it's a vision thing.
Meaning... because it's clear, they touch it so they know where the top is and avoid plunging their noses too deep...??
I've seen cats do the same thing.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

The cat is just adorable ...

k said...

moobear, thank you! And I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you. We had no end of computer *bug* excitement and being offline unexpectedly and all that. I think we're really good to go now, and should be able to stay online. I'll send you an email shortly.

And I'm so very glad you like coming by. That means a lot to both of us. The more time goes by the more I see how *right* all this was, the way it all worked out. Livey is a truly decent woman, and to see her old computer finally die was heartbreaking. (Especially when it was ME that plugged it in!) And now we're walking on air instead.

There's love and small miracles wrapped up in all this. Those things fall into the aspect of greater powers at work, of goodness. I feel so lucky to be able to be involved in such a fine event.

And ALL y'all, the Little Prince is clearly Not Alone in his unusual drinking habits. I had NO idea! My two cats lived for so long, they were the only pets of my grownup life. And since I'm from a strictly *dog* family, my variety of personal cat experience is limited.

You know, I think both DC and Jean have points about the *why*. The Little Prince does seem to be checking for foreign materials in there. My Babycat poked his paw in his water toward the end of his life, when his eyesight was going. He clearly couldn't tell where the level of the water was, so he'd check it. But then he'd carefully get his nose in there, instead of doing the paw-licking thing.

Kirsten, he's so sweet too! And fiesty. He loves to play. It's been a real treat to have a cat around again.

I never get tired of watching him do that water thing. It's like a spectator sport.