Thursday, August 02, 2007

FOOD! Food is always on topic.

Now that's a pretty universal theme. I haven't had a brat in so long I have no recollection what they taste like. But I seem to remember not being so fond of them.

Bar food.

Gotta have brats, around here. The lady said if you come buy a brat she'll shut up.

Cheese curds are another local favorite I'm not familiar with. Livey doesn't imbibe, because she's not observant of the Basic Food Group called *Cheese.*


Anonymous said...

when cheese is made, it clumps into balls floating in milk. these are curds. the last step in the process of making block cheese is to gather up the curds, strain out all the milk and then press them in boxes to form one large block.

curds are simply cheese, not in block form. but they are, by definition, very fresh. and tasty, of course.

brats are awesome... i think you are remembering wrong.


Granny J said...

PS -- I'd love to have one of those brats! Though my German butcher from Chgo many years ago insisted that what I liked was either bockwurst or weisswurst.

k said...

b, thank you! If it's cheese it's usually great by me.

These local treats are fried. Apparently they take cheese, not sure what kind, and deep-fry it in oil.

So that definitely sounds like something I'd like! And I think it's time to try a brat again too.

granny j, I dunno nuthin' 'bout no bockwurst nor weisswurst! But you have me wondering if maybe Walter does. That man KNOWS his sausages.