Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Loon Days

We're off to Loon Days today.

This festival is a celebration of...the Loon!

That's the bird with the wacky call. It sounds loony.

Among the highlights of Loon Days is the Loon Calling Contest.

This should be entertaining.

The pix, of course, won't tell us what the sound is like. I mean, the new camera does do video with stereo sound. But have I learned how to use that function yet? No.

But I bet the pix will be fun all by themselves.

We're off! Back in a bit.


sue said...

We don't see many loons here in Iowa, but have vacationed in Minnesota and had loons on the lake... I love their sound. Probably our midwestern equivalent is the mourning dove. Just so long as you enjoy the "bird" loons, not the Loony fans... lol

da Pup : Richie said...

Now, as I love you both I won't make the obvious errr...remark about looney birds..

But I thots it, I did.

Eyes a baaad widdle girl.

Nancy said...


that was me.

'Pup's a baaad widdle BOY.

prettylady said...

I spent a week at a lake in Canada once that had a mama loon, a daddy loon, and a baby loon. I was out swimming and the daddy loon swam up to me. Let me tell you, those birds are BIG AS F*CK. And when you are treading water and this very very big black bird, who is an expert swimmer and floater, is floating ON the water at the level of your FACE, you feel very small indeed, and are devoutly grateful that mommy and baby loon are at the other end of the lake, and daddy loon is not feeling defensive.

k said...

Sue, I've heard them here pretty often now, in the very early morning. I LOVE their calls! And they do sound a bit like the doves. Just more...various and intense.

Pretty Lady, I should think looking Papa in the eye that way would have been disconcerting, to say the least! You were lucky. I bet he was bigger than your head.

Nancy, you ARE bad!!!