Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Meet Pico the Cat

He's sitting up there, laying down actually, on my banner.

He's so like my Babycat, who passed away July 5, 2006 at the ripe old age of 22. I loved him and his mother April, and we were bonded in an uncanny strong way.

I can tell the difference in their looks, but their similarity is so striking I still do a double-take.

Pico was a cat belonging to a friend of my wonderful nephew, b. b told me, Pico was a damn handsome cat... strong, big- a prime, alpha male mouser.

b did up the photo and blog title for my banner, and said: i like the juxtaposition of the "quest" with the image of the sleeping cat. it kinda gets at the individual dichotomy of k - so much will and excitement, so much time forced to sleep - and also the larger struggle we all have with our desires, hopes, and dreams and the reality of finite time and energy (and, face it, will power)...and of course, the cool thing here is that in spite of the (somewhat cynical) meaning its implying, the cat is rather happy and content, and just plain fucking cute.

I love my nephew so very much. He's the one who graduated from college this spring. Coming to see him graduate is why I left Florida to go on this summertime road trip odyssey.

He is THE greatest nephew. I'm so proud of him I can't stand it sometimes. A wonderful man, with a wonderful long time significant other.

And look what a beautiful banner he made for me!

Thank you, b. I finally feel like my blog is *me* now. What a great feeling that is.


Anonymous said...

you're welcome.

and thank you for the kind words.

i love you too.


pepektheassassin said...

Your place is looking better and better and better!

...my son had a dog, a little Jack Russell Terrier named Pico they got at the pound. He loved that little dog so much, and the dog loved him. They were almost inseperable. When they went on a short vacation last year they left him at a kennel. The morning my son went to pick him up they told him the sad news that Pico had run out and was hit by a car and killed. So sad. Why am I telling you this sad story?... I guess remembering your Babycat, and the name Pico brought it all back.

Anyway, time helps. Now they have that beautiful blue-eyed baby (who will be 1 year old next week! Besides helping, time flies!

Kenny said...

Cool looking cat

Desert Cat said...

Yes. It was rather strikingly "you" the first time I saw it. The only thing that could have improved it was for the cat to be sleeping on a keyboard.

k said...

Ah, my nephew. You know I say kind words only when I believe they're merited. I am content.

Thank you, miss assassin. It's surprising how different it feels pulling up your own site and being happy with how it looks!

I thought of Babycat's passing again this 5th of July, and your wonderful post for him. It was beautiful and I kept clicking it forever and ever until I finally realized I could just copy it for myself. And so I did.

Your son's Pico - how tragic. How difficult that might be to forgive! I hope they had some good time together first, at least.

Pico the Cat passed away at only 3 years old. He simply and suddenly died, right in front of his human. There was no necropsy so no one ever knew what happened. It was very sad.

That's one reason I was glad b did such a beautiful banner with his photo. It keeps Pico alive, still, in that way.

And it's the same people with that wonderfully sweet gorgeous little baby? With the eyelashes so many of us yearn for? Somehow I can't believe he's already a year old. A bit shocking, that was, to hear. But...nice. Very.

kenny, isn't he though? He looks just like the ultimate in Joe Cool, lying there all snuggled up, the world at his feet.

Desert Cat - ROTFLOL! Good way to lose one's Q.

And...thank you, Pops, for that comment. I was sort of holding my breath a bit, wondering...and now I'm not. It felt so right to me, but your intense perception counts way way high on my scale of such things.

sue said...