Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wood Is Beautiful Too

Birch always is.

Especially when it supports these pretty mushrooms.

They look, sometimes, like they have writing on them.

The root systems on some of the trees make me think of the apple trees in Wizard of Oz, throwing their own apples at our intrepid travelers, who then had sense enough to eat them.

But this one?

This one makes me think of Desert Cat. The sturdy central stump looks like it's supporting a poor sick little kitten with its strength. And the little one is looking up at him, trusting him, knowing now what care and succor really means.


Granny J said...

Thank you, k -- I was enchanted by what you wrote, but really wanted to see what you were writing about! You must have been having a grand time camping out.

Jan said...

I love the pictures of the tree roots!

sue said...

That's a sweet thought about DC.

I love trees. There is something so haunting about them when they are bare and so uplifting when they are 'clothed'.

Nancy said...

That's that. 'Pup and I are going camping.....even if it's only one night!

DNR said...

I love the root pic!!!

pepektheassassin said...

Great stuff! Check out the Festival of Trees posts at Raven's Nest on my blog list! She's your kind of people.

Desert Cat said...

Reminding me of my poor lost kitten...*snif*