Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Nice Rock is a Beautiful Thing

Tuesday, September 4

The people who camp here are very nice, and very quiet. I need that. By nature I’m a solitary person, and while I’ve enjoyed myself in the Northwoods no end, it’s time for me to recharge my own self. A surprising number of people are surprised that I’m camping by myself. They notice this, and they seem to worry a bit about me. They don’t need to. I’m extremely self-sufficient. But it’s sweet of them.

For me, solitude is as necessary as eating and breathing. If I go too long without it, I start to get sick. I don’t know what to call that. Solitude sickness?

I’m finally starting to relax. I feel a little guilty about the money I’m spending here - it’s $26 a night. But I’m doing my own cooking, as usual, and I don’t need much extra. The electricity is free. I don’t buy my firewood; there’s plenty available from legitimate collecting areas. So I try to tell myself this isn’t much more money than you’d spend just staying at home so I can simply enjoy my time here. I HATE guilt. It can so ruin one’s fun.

I’m near the town of Houghton. They actually have two small university campuses there. One houses the Seaman Mineral Museum. That place is rumored to be fabulous, and I’m dying to get in and have a look.

Understand, I know nothing about rocks. I always leaned more towards biology and math and English - actually, almost all subjects except for physics. This involves physics, and requires some understanding of matters like crystalline structures, which simply don’t move me much. Somehow, actually studying rocks leaves me cold. Don’t know why.

But I love to look at them. I love beautiful things, and all my life I’ve loved gemstones.

I don’t actually have any to speak of. I’m not an acquisitive person that way. Married twice, and never had a diamond ring yet. (Note, please, that the lack of an engagement ring didn’t stop me from marrying. I’m not that kind of girl. Although, come to think of it, I’m not so sure that’s wise.)

Besides agates, I’m collecting rocks galore to redecorate my yard back home. Yes, I already have lots of rocks there. Still, one needs to refurnish from time to time. Here there are incredibly beautiful rocks along the beach and inland, both.

Ah, but agates are beautiful. Even unpolished ones can show you why agates are gemstones. Every day I find more. Between here and my Door County collecting, putting up a *Catch of the Day* has occurred to me more than once. But for now, I’ve not been able to find a place to scarf a local internet connection. So posting daily pix isn’t doable.

Not yet.

But me? I got PLANS.

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Mickysolo said...

I know you were being self sufficient, cooking for yourself. It's a shame you were so close to a Door County fish boil and did not take advantage.

I haven't camped by myself in a long time. When I was teaching, I'd take jaunts to the Hayward area, several miles northwest of where you were.