Sunday, October 14, 2007

But Here's The One That Counts

On my way home, I'd called and left message after message for Jill to let her know where I was: *Hi, I've finally left Chicago...* and *Passing through Hattiesburg, Mississippi today...* She never returned a single message. I got the feeling her boss had a little talk with her about not having nice long conversations with someone who faxed in a letter referencing contemporaneous notes on phone conversations that took place two years ago.

Still, she knew when I got home. After only a few hours of sleep, I got up early Thursday morning for an appointment with the pain doc. When I got back, this UPS overnight letter was sitting in my living room, holding a contract containing the terms of the repayment plan. To my surprise, Chase had already signed off on their side of the bargain. Maybe that's SOP. Maybe they want to waste not one second getting me out of their hair.

UPS must have run into one of the guys with a key to my house, because it was delivered while I was at the pain doc's. That date was October 4: my SSA was in, and Walter's paycheck. Another cashier's check, for the bulk of the *down payment,* was safely ensconced in my computer case, where I'd ferried it home from my parents. Now all I needed was to convert our own portion of the down payment into a cashier's check, sign the contract, and send it back.

Not on Thursday, though. No way. After driving safely back from the pain doc's and then the pharmacy, the only other action I was capable of was sleep.

Friday! Yes, lovely day! Off to the bank I went. The poor abused Saturn, which had so faithfully gotten me thousands of miles back home, had a dead battery. argh! My fault. The battery's been going, and I knew that, and still I forgot and left the lights on as I went inside the bank.

Ah well. That's why I have a decent set of jumper cables. Like any former Chicagoan, I can jump a car in my sleep. All I needed was another willing driver. Lo and behold, a nice man driving an auto parts pickup truck offered his services, and in two minutes I was good to go.

Inside the bank, there were clear signs of a very busy Public Relations campaign. This free coffee is new. It says, *Caution. Sleepwalking through the bank may result in hazardous financial decisions. Have some coffee.*

Well, all right. Good advice. I know it wasn't directed at me personally. I'm positive it wasn't. Pretty much.

YES!!! The contract is signed. My printer is down, but the bank kindly photocopied it for me. The contract and the two cashier's checks are in the return overnight envelope. After discovering the local Mailboxes Etc. had closed down in my absence, I called for a UPS pickup. It was a substitute driver, not our usual guy. Not knowing I'm half deaf, he knocked on the door just a bit then ran away. NO. Sorry guy, ya gotta come back, I called your boss.

Come back he did. At 6:45 Friday evening, my letter was picked up by UPS.

Jill got it Wednesday. She called and left a message saying it was a done deal. The repayment plan was accepted and activated; here's the name and extension of the new guy who'll be servicing your account now; it's already out of her department and her file is closed; goodbye and good luck.

heh! Doesn't sound like they wanted to get rid of me, does it?

I think - I believe - I'm pretty sure here -

this cat has landed on her feet.


pepektheassassin said...

4 1/2 months?!?~ I KNEW it had been a L_O_N_G L_O_N_G time, but....well, yes. You were a long time gone.

Thanks for taking us along! :)

Glad things are working out, k.

Desert Cat said...


Jan said...

k..I just knew it would all work out okay!

Sorry about your dead battery and lost rocks, though.

That was a bunch of mail to have to sort out...I hate it just on a daily basis, but over four months worth?


betsye said...

morning smiles...

Livey said...

Oh what a relief! Now, get some rest!

prettylady said...

Toldja so.

:-) :-P

And I had to jump my car this week because of leaving a door open, too. What IS it with the karma weather?

Sassy Sistah said...

That's wonderful, k! I'm so happy for you that things worked out. Sometimes - things DO work out. Please keep reminding me of that! And take good care of yourself now - you've had a very rough few weeks. Love you...


k said...

miss assassin, when you said I'd gone a gypsying, you hit the nail on the head. Cause surely, 4 1/2 months does not qualify as A Little Vacation Time.

And if I hadn't taken all y'all along? I'm not sure I'd have made it back in one piece. So believe me, that *crowded car* Jan mentioned was way more than just welcome.

Pops, congratulations to YOU on being the proud owner of a Certified Healthy Heart. After scaring me half to death, myself.

Jan, just WAIT till you see the pix of the rest of the paperwork I've been going through. That's yikes times 100!

Ah, betsye. I can't stop grinning today.

Rest. Now I will, Livey. I mean, sort of. Tell you why next post.

Pretty Lady, when this thing rocked me off my feet, you calmly poked me back upright again. And boy oh boy WERE you right.

hee hee! Those blasted car batteries. The other times I had to get jumped lately? Once way up in the UP, half way up the Keewenaw Peninsula - where my next-door neighbor camper obliged. The other one? Back at home in the Far North Chicago suburbs, where I scarfed my mom's car keys and connected her up with my nice loooong jumper cables.

I mean, I know I'll get a new battery fairly soon. It's just that I clearly have other financial priorities just now. And as long as I remember to cut off the lights and such, it keeps me driving, even as it's slowly getting more and more feeble.

So many of you told me you knew I could do it. And I did.

Thank you all for your faith in me.

Not to mention, forgiving what was so clearly a really dumb eff-up.

k said...

Hi, Sassy! We just crossed in the mail.

You're one of so many of my fave bloggers that I've been SO jonesing over. For weeks and weeks now, I sneaked in little bits of reading here and there and that's all. I miss that wonderful immersion, reading all the posts and comments at my leisure.

Part of resting up means making sure I get to do that again. Oh, it matters.

And yes, things really do work out, so often. When I get a better handle on what exactly has been knocking you over lately - I'm getting those vibes from you and a few others too - I can come by and remind you all you like.

So until then, you hang in there and take good care of yourself, too.


Suddenly I'm lusting after some nice fried chicken.


Okay, gotta go now, food reward is coming up!




pavlov pooch

betsye said...

and, now...'p.m. smiles'...'meant to tell you, this morning,...about my first -ever- 'quad venti latte'...from starbucks...(i've surely DRIVEN 'things' that COST less)...i am NOW, totally ADDICTED to 'expresso'...hmmmmm....and, i thank YOU for the 'introduction'...more smiles...NOW...i have to find the BEST, yet LEAST expensive, expresso maker...for some 'home-brew'...
i love just HOW you make US...such a part of the 'whole' of your life...with these words + pictures....
...and, sweet lady...if we didn't 'efffff' UP....we wouldn't be quite so WONDERFUL, huh???...
....loosely quoted....>>>smiles....we shall eat pickles or sausages...spend the rent monies...and, pick other's flowers...and, wear PURPLE<<<....oh, yes....PURPLE...."......"

much love....


sue said...

WHEW! (((hugs)))