Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sometimes...Takin' Care of Business Means Coma Days Too

Yesterday afternoon, Friday, I was supposed to see Dr. S, the lung doc. We made that appointment six months ago.

Well. I woke up late Friday morning and could not stay awake. After calling them up and mumbling excuses about scooters on the fritz (true) it was back to bed.

Every time I woke up, I couldn't stay upright. Back to bed.

Livey calls these *coma days.* I like that. It describes it perfectly. And when it happens, trying to fight it is just counterproductive. It's time to go with the flow.

Luckily, I've seemed to developed the ability to wake up just long enough, and at the right time, to take my meds.

I pretty much slept from Thursday night until Saturday morning, when I woke up at 10:30. Finally, almost suddenly, I felt awake again.

Next Wednesday, the 24th, I see Dr. C, the ID (infectious disease) doc.

The following Monday, the 29th, I see Dr. K, the rheumatologist.

They'll both play a role in the place I left behind, medically, when I set off on my summer odyssey. Between them they'll determine where I am physically, and where we go from here with the antibiotic treatment to clear up this 3-year-old mycobacterial infection in my right arm.

By the middle of next week, I'll need to be finished with this huge big paperwork project I've been working on. Big tight deadlines on some things in those papers. Be even better if I can finish it tomorrow, Sunday, instead. I have some cooking projects in mind.

So I'm cranking away. Paperwork paperwork paperwork. Lucky for me? I like it.

OH. And SURELY you didn't think I forgot about Walter, didja?


This afternoon, he was an hour south of Atlanta. It looks like he'll be back on Monday. It was too much of a drive to make it earlier, plus he has three deliveries instead of just one.

Of course, I seized the opportunity to explain to him how this means he has to stay at least two week at home to be properly rested.



Livey said...

Coma days can be very rejuvenating! Enjoy!

pepektheassassin said...

It's Sunday. What cooking projects y'got in mind?

k said...

Yeah Livey, those are the best post-coma days of all. When it's harder to be patient with them? One of the biggest reasons is when you come out of it and you're functioning again, but still don't get that rejuvenated feeling.

This time I got the whole package. I woke up feeling totally refreshed, energetic. Scarfed down the entire cup of espresso this time. So I got that double whammy, rest and caffeine, and Lord above I was busy busy busy! I got a LOT done. Good thing, too.

Oh, miss assassin, just exquisite things in store for him!. Not fancy; it's that down-home cooking Walter and k style that he wants. I asked him for his Menu Orders several days ago.

Bread. (#1, of course!) Goulash. Lentil soup with smoked turkey. Fried chicken, Sassy's recipe. Egg salad. Chicken soup. Roast pork. Lots of different stir fries. Chili. Baked chicken, Cajun style. Oh! I'll make him some nice meat loaf too, Chris's recipe. Pretty much, I guess, all the things Walter likes the best - those I know how to make, that is.

And since I'm the one in charge of the kitchen in this particular household, I get to make them far more heart-healthy and tasty, all at the same time, than what he can get most anywhere else.

BUT! First and foremost, I need to keep cranking on the paperwork, and also, just get my basic preps in place. So I've been restocking on staples and clearing out and disinfecting the three fridges, and taking care of everything that goes awry when one's gone for almost 5 months. EEEKKK!!!

That's my Sunday cooking work - not much cooking at all. Well, boiling up some corned beef for me, for my stock Protein Supply. Egg salad ditto, which tastes better the second day anyway. That's for both of us.

I would SO much rather be having cooking fun than doing prep and Responsible Paperwork Stuff today.

But since the real cooking will begin tomorrow instead? That means he gets to come home to breathe in the fragrance of a welcoming kitchen, wrapping him up in nurturance and love.

If I can work my wiles on him jusssst right, I may be able to make him stick around a bit longer, get more rest. Get enough rest. He must. Must.

Desert Cat said...

And follow up with his heart care, of course.

As it turned out I was overcautious, but man, I'd rather that than fall over dead unexpectedly.

Jan said...

Wow, what a menu! :)

sue said...

Take care. Coma days. I'll have to remember that. I think I'm lucky when I get a jammie day! ;)