Thursday, February 07, 2008

For Our Cold Friends Up North

funny pictures

from the World Famous lolcats


Nancy said...

LOL indeed!

hey! Ah gots 'maters!

pepektheassassin said...

Geez, THANKS for the cat hat. I can really use this....

Desert Cat said...

Ahah! Jasmine will do that to me sometimes.

Every once in a while she gets into a mood where she wishes she could eat me whole, or at least "manage" me the way she manages the other cats. She usually ends up draped over my head, licking my fiercely until the moment passes.

k said...

Nancy, your winter tomatoes are making us ALL want BLT's!

Pepek, doesn't it look just wonderfully warm, though? heh!

DC, they get this head thing sometimes. I always thought it needed Hair to go with it, but little Jasmine says, Nope.

I keep looking at that guy in the pic, wondering if he's standing up or lying down. How does his hat stay balanced up there?

Desert Cat said...

The other cat half is draped over the back of his head with his crown as the fulcrum. Balance achieved.