Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool. Just a Joke.

And here's another thing that comes from hanging around with a sociopath.

Bane's post about Johnny dying was an April Fool's joke.

Yes. For real.

--But!-- said I. --It's not April 1st yet.

Apparently Bane feels that makes it even more ideal, because then people don't suspect it's an April Fool's joke.

He also thinks no one should have fallen for it, because he did the same thing a couple years ago, but pretending it was himself that died - *posting* as LL to announce his *death.*

There's an odd mix of emotions going through me just now. A part of me is intensely relieved that one of these losses that have been going around actually isn't.

But therein lies the problem. Too many people I love have been experiencing real losses lately. Making a joke of Johnny passing away can be really wounding to them.

Thus my second comment on Bane's post:

...Kill yourself off all you want. Don't kill Johnny for fun.

Especially not when so many of us have real losses on our hands lately.
I'll take my revenge this way, Bane. That heartfelt post I wrote about Johnny passing away? The one I cried over, the one that made me set aside my plans for the day's small tasks, knowing none were important enough to fuss over at a time like this, and how could I possibly keep my mind on them anyway?

I'm going to put that post back to draft now. And leave it there.

Because, hey. It may come in handy sometime. If so, it's already written.

So I won't have to waste my time doing another one.


Desert Cat said...

Shea...I should have known, and actually I did...if I had chosen to believe what I knew. I tried to shift gears to pray for him and I couldn't. There was nothing there. Which didn't make sense, because in the past when something in his life has required prayer, there was an instant flow from the Spirit.

Still a little pissed, but I'll get over it. :)

k said...

That would explain the odd little nuance of ambiguity in your first comment, then.


Perhaps this is telling me something about being a bit too tender-hearted.

My response to that, in the past, has always been that it doesn't matter if I am; I still wouldn't want to change.

pepektheassassin said...

Not funny.

pepektheassassin said...

Very bad joke.

Bane said...


K, you are exquisitely cruel. I respect that.

Keep up the good work. You knew I'd eventually come here, and you ambushed me perfectly. Damn good job.

k said...

Pepek - Yes.

Bane, thank you. You're one of the few on the net that can truly appreciate the quality of that side of my character. One reason I don't let it out much, here.

Nice to get such a nod from such a pro.

Pretty Lady said...

k, watch your mail. I sent you a birthday present. For real.

k said...


I JUST got it!

I'm speechless. Thank you. Thank you.

k said...

Not speechless for long, however.

Bane said...

Oh, how terrible it is to be tormented so in my hour of grief.

BTW, why doesn't your comment window open up for me when I drop by? It cuts of the right end of all lines for me, and looks like a 3x5 card.

k said...

Bane, I don't have the faintest idea why. And until just now, I didn't have the faintest idea it was happening. Thanks for the heads-up.

On my own computer, I can no longer see my banner with Pico the Cat sleeping under his blanket. A few weeks ago I checked with Wendy who said she can see it just fine.

Walter says he can't see any reason here, on this computer, for either - for the comments box error you're seeing, or the missing banner.

Unfortunately, he's up to his ass in alligators right now, getting the new car ready for the Fossil Farm, its first big jaunt. So he may not be able to investigate in depth until his next leave time home.

I will, however, pester Wendy again. She's been steadily posting, so it looks like she's home this weekend, and available. ;-)

Bane said...

Nah, I think she's busy gitten wid it.

k said...

Ah. Then I'll leave her in peace for now.

I take a strong stance on priorities, that way.