Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sigh...He's Gone Again

Tonight I'll be back to The Usual Suspects, meaning those lovely Swamp Trip pix will show up here to smile at y'all. But for today? He's gone again. Our lovely neighbor drove Walter to his truck this morning. He's already picked up a load in Miami to take to Atlanta. Gone again.

So I'll indulge in my *Leaving Day* tradition of moping about a bit, and finding some activity to take my mind off missing my Walter.


New Appliance.

Amazingly quiet for its type, but loud enough in the crunch.




Granny J said...

I WANT ONE!!!! 1) will it handle pine needles? 2) what diameter stick will it cope with? 3) where did you get it?

k said...

1) Yes 2) 1.5+" 3)

Grand total including shipping was $219.99. It arrived two days after I ordered it.

This was one of the best $220 I ever spent in my entire life. It's a McCulloch 14-AMP Chipper/Shredder #MCS2001. It's electric (a deal-breaker for me - I can't use gas power tools). It shreds leaves, grass, twigs, branches, what have you. If your chippings aren't small enough for you? Why, just run them through it again. (Apparently lots of chippers can't handle that.)

I surfed the web no end before buying it. Just now is not really a good time for me to make a purchase of that size, not least because I owe my parents serious bucks.

However: In my quest to retrieve those funds and pay them back, I need to do certain things around the house. (Details after I can call it a success, okay? ;-) !!!)

I've used the chipper for two days now, and I'm extremely happy with it. The one and only drawback is, if you use it for huge piles of stuff, like I am, you have to clear it of chips from time to time.

Hmmm. I'll take some pix and show you.

Anyway - My only regret is not doing this long ago. I bet I would have saved my lungs some damage if I had.

Jean said...

gloves and mask!
gloves and mask!

Anonymous said...

Nice toy!

k said...

Hi Jean! Gloves, always. Well, the latex variety anyway.

It seems most of my cuts these days are on my arms. Perhaps I'll break down and get some long-sleeved yardwork t-shirts...

And mask? I was PERFECTLY good this time! Wheeeeeeee!

that dude, ain't it so? I'm having So Much Fun Yet!