Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He's FINALLY Doing Better

Sunday night, for the first time in what seemed like forever, Walter was talking to me again. I mean, almost like a normal person. He even laughed, more than once, and it didn't send him into agony when he did.

He said he might just go back to work, and see an orthopedist next time he came home. It's his decision, so I told him whatever he wanted to do, I'd support him. He said he'd sleep on it and see how he felt in the morning.

He decided to go back to work.

The seat belt is causing him problems, and I think he'll put in for home time so he can get here, and to a doctor, faster.

Part of me objects to this, so strongly. I know it's causing him pain to work, and it's hard to know that and not do anything to stop it. But his life is his own, as is true for us all; it's not for me to try to make him change this. It's not a matter of life and death this time.

Instead of thinking about his pain, I'll wrap myself in the gladness of how good he sounds on the phone now. Immerse myself in my yardwork, too.

Not to mention, getting paychecks again. Eating is good.


pepektheassassin said...

I guess it IS time to stop looking over your shoulder and start looking ahead. May you see good things there!

SeaPhoenix said...

Dittos on Pepek X2...BTW...our "hatchling" is hale and hearty in a sunny eastern window...still a little cool for an all-nighter outside. Pics as soon as I get a digital camera to work for me!

Pretty Lady said...

You're right, you're not Walter's mommy, and you have plenty of your own pain to cope with without taking his on as well. I'm so glad he's doing better.

Doesn't his long-term disability kick in if he just works till June? June is almost here...

Desert Cat said...

Being a man, he is *going* to work through the pain, as long as it doesn't kill him, isn't he.

That's part of our constitution.

k said...

Pepek, you're 100% correct. And lucky for me, I LIKE what I see in my future. That's what I'm working toward.

I feel so sad, sometimes, when I see people that can't seem to look into their own future at all - that can't seem to grasp that it's theirs, to mold as they can. It's not that we can suddenly become billionairs just by wishing it into existence. Instead, it's that wonderful phrase from our country's birth: not a right to happiness, but a right to the pursuit of it.

SeaPhoenix, Pepek is right about a whole lot of things.

And I am thrilled our little baby is thriving! I haven't stopped by your place (or anyone else's!) for a bit - been way tied up at the doc's and such - but I'm hoping you can post a pic for us. I can't wait to see it.

Are you going to give it a name, by any chance?

Pretty Lady, we've both spent a lot of thought and work on that particular issue, haven't we! Life or death issues I'll intervene on. It goes way against the grain, but I will, and do, and did. He would have died if I hadn't.

But it's the day to day where I had to really re-learn what I was doing, and so did he. That happened mostly after the divorce. One of the reasons I say our divorce saved our marriage.

The long term disability does indeed kick in soon now - your memory was quite correct. I'll hit that topic shortly, okay? We have a sudden new development.

Desert Cat, yes. Like most women I know, it's a characteristic that we simultaneously love about men, and want to strangle them over.

It's also something I used to do myself - well, still do, far more than is good for me. Why I sat here in shock with a second-degree burn, instant blisters as big as walnuts, and put egg whites on it and posted through the night...

Back when I was out and about IRL, my peers and acquaintances and friends would tell me my *male side* was very strongly developed. That sort of thing was one reason why.