Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Mortgage is Paid

And not a peep out of Chase.

Not yet, anyway.

That's good enough for me. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders once again.

Now I can go have a niiiiiiiiice nap. Sleep for the day, actually, since we're in pollen times. When I wake up I'll come back here and do some visiting again.

Thanks for keeping me company throughout the long watch.


Pretty Lady said...

Oh, GOOD. I felt a huge rush of relief go through my whole body as soon as I read that.

Granny J said...

Hoo-RAH! Waaa-HOO! Congrats, k. Get a great nap. You've earned it.

pepektheassassin said...


SeaPhoenix said...

You can't see me, but I'm dancing a jig for small feat at 260 pounds!

morrisao said...

K, that has to be such a *huge* load off.

k said...

Yes! I had no idea how exhausting all that tension was this month. I'm still recovering.

SeaPhoenix, you can dance ALL you like! Dancing is GOOD for us. And my own feelings about the ideal dancing weight are this: a lady's grown sons and her man should all weigh more than her. It's good if her father does too but the other two are really important.

So dance away, son. I do too. I just have to wait for a good Happy Feet day. And I always get one.

Oh, Morris. Yes.

I have to do it again in a little more than 2 weeks. But I'll worry about that one tomorrow. This one, I can rest on.

Nancy said...

Sometimes, just meeting the needs of the moment is a relief!

I think I shall join you and Pepek in a nap..


k said...

Naps are GOOD!