Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Retirement is Different for Everyone

One day, while going to the store, I passed by a nursing home.

On the front lawn were six old ladies lying naked on the grass.

I thought this was a bit unusual, but continued on my way to the store.

On my return trip, I passed the same nursing home with the same six old ladies lying naked on the lawn.

This time my curiosity got the best of me, and I went inside to talk to the Nursing Home Administrator. *Do you know there are six ladies lying naked on your front lawn?*

*Yes,* she said. *They're retired prostitutes; they're having a yard sale.*

Just thought a little levity was in order.

This came from my lovely neighbor Dorothy, who retired some years ago from a perfectly innocent and honorable job working for local government.


Nancy said...


How's everything else going?

Jan said...

k..I really am 'laughing out-loud'..there I was about to get all incensed that those poor old ladies were being abused by some insensitive workers at the nursing home!

You got me! :)

SeaPhoenix said...

bwah ha ha haaa!!! Thanks K. Posted some new pics you might like...oh, and new leaves on our "Son".

k said...

Nancy - Next post up.

Jan, I thought you might like that one. Sort of fits in with moving house, doesn't it?

SeaPhoenix - Oh yessir, you're more than welcome. I saw the new leaves! That is just amazing.

Are you going to name him?