Monday, June 23, 2008

This Campsite is Taken. Hey!

The deer are slightly skittish, but not enough to leave. They're really almost tame.

Which, as the rangers tell us, is not a good idea. This preserve contains about half the state's population of panthers. Those are very big cats, folks. The sign explains how you shouldn't jog alone here, or let your toddlers or dogs run around untethered.

nom nom nom! Oh - the reason it's not a good idea for the deer to be so tame is because deer are the panthers' favorite dinner, along with feral hogs. If dinner's tame, it'll hang around humans, and the huge cats will follow. So please don't feed the deer and hogs. Thank you.

There are giant grasshoppers here too, lubbers and such. Probably you can feed them all you want. But the signs don't say.

This bird, and his wife, were vastly entertaining. More about them later...

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