Wednesday, June 04, 2008

This Year's Hearts of Flame

As you can see, I've got them at different stages of development. Last year, we watched one bloom from beginning to end. It was a stately process, entrancing, very beautiful.

But wait! How can I have so many different pix of them now?

Because they've multiplied. O happiness!

I transplanted three big pups from Walter's western garden into big pots in the back yard. There were some growing in the back yard already, and they'd thrown off pups too. I have around ten potted up now, I think.

It was a bloody and long-drawn out affair. These have thorns like I've never come across before.

I refuse to consider this warfare of any sort, or to use the words that go with that concept. We did, however, engage in some difficult activities with each other.

I won.

The two I left in Walter's western garden both bloomed, but at slightly different times.

If I work it right, I may have a bunch of these exquisite and rare flowers to sell to florists around Mother's Day next year. That's when they seem to bloom. I sent a virtual Heart of Flame to my mom last year for Mother's Day.
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DNR said...

wow, those are cool. I read through the other tow posts above and had nothing intelligent to say... 'cept maybe I wish I could see your garden(s).

k said...

Aren't they something? It took me forever to even figure out what they were. I rescued them from the side of the road after a hurricane. I even wrote a post asking if anyone could identify it.

Finally, a mysterious commenter who's never come by before or since, from Jacksonville FL, wrote in comments what they were. This was 6 months or a year later. I only noticed the comment by accident.

Any time you're down this way, you're more than welcome to see the garden in person. In fact, it'll be far more *viewable* soon than it's ever been before. I've been working like a banshee out there. And believe me, I love to show it off.

Meanwhile...I do have a nice video function on my digital camera. One day I may actually figure out how to use it. Then I can do a little video tour of the whole yard. Doing pix is lots of fun, but it just can't convey the whole thing the way I'd like.