Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Please to Excuse Hurricane Moroseness

When I say I love hurricanes - which I do - I don't mean I love to see people hurt. There are times when the damage done to human beings overwhelms me, especially in a place where the sweetness of the people stands so strong in my memory.

But I need to set that aside now, and go on in my usual way.

And in case anyone wondered, I never ever forget when it's not about me.


SeaPhoenix said...

I know you would never want to see anyone hurt...I know you love to see the raw power of nature unleashed, the roiling clouds, the waters surging, giving us a look at the power of the Gods. I like to look at the rather puny little storms (in comparison) that roll thru these necks o' the woods.

k said...

I love to watch storms, I always have. Sometimes I forget how they are in other parts of the country. Florida is lightning capital of America, and nearly of the world. That alone makes it very interesting here.

I have some relatives in Northern California, where it never makes lightning, and almost no thunder. They get their share of rain and fog, but it's all sort of peaceful and quiet rain and fog.

They came to visit several years back, and couldn't get over how wild our *normal* weather is. They were absolutely entranced.