Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Resting in Peace

Excuse the lack of new posts here. We're doing fine. But Bane has passed away, and I'm too sad to talk much yet.

Please send his family your condolences, and your prayers if you pray, or your good thoughts and positive energies if you do that as well. Prayer meant a lot to Bane; he often called upon his *Prayer Warriors* when someone else asked for them, or if he thought they needed them. His family needs all the support they can get.

Whatever you thought of Bane, however you felt about him as a human being, he was a man with a family he loved who needs help. His wife will now raise little Nate and Johnny alone. They're small children, and Johnny is disabled with tremendous medical costs still to come. Bane's final medical expenses are upon them too.

If you can donate anything at all, please go here.

Bane died after long months of illness. He was terribly sick and in a great deal of pain. He suffered. After you die you feel no pain any more. Whatever happens after that, we'll know when we get there ourselves.

Al I can hope for is that he's resting peacefully, and knows how much he was loved and admired. How much we miss him now.


LL said...

Thank you, k. I know he got you with the Johnny thing and your post was actually the one I freaked out over the most and just bitched and bitched at him about. You're a sweetheart.

He will definitely be missed.

Jean said...

He used to wonder about how so many could proclaim how much they loved him. I hope he can read all those comments at his blog that explain it so well.
Although, toward the end, I think he began to understand or accept, a little bit. I hope so.

My heart is still breaking.