Thursday, January 15, 2009

#2: Left Hand and Fingers, Frozen in Place

From week of January 12, 2009. Being *double-jointed* meant I could curl my fingers backwards in a round smooth arc. Here I'm trying to do that as hard as I can, and also to bend my thumb at the middle joint. The forefinger, ring finger, and pinkie actually think they're bent backwards, okay?

I can usually still move them at the hand/finger joints a little bit, but I can't straighten out the fingers themselves, even with a monkey wrench. Doesn't work. Forcing them would break either bones or tendons.

Those movements are no longer possible with 4 of the 5 left-hand fingers. The exception? I got to keep some mobility in my swearing finger for a while. Thank you, All Powers that Be.

In some pix you can see odd lumps under the skin. Those are tendons bulging, possibly ruptured already. In this pic, if you look at the back of the wrist, outside margin of the hand, and the outside and inside of the forearm just below the wrist, you can see some of the worst ones. When I move my hands or fingers they bunch and move around under the skin, like big stuff is crawling around in there. Makes the check-out clerks nervous. heh!

They change some, over time and during each day. Here the back-of-the-wrist lump is sort of *glowing.*

Same lump, side view.

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