Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ah, Those Rays of Sunshine

So here I am for days and days and days, buzzing around various labs and imaging centers and doctors' offices, and bringing a newly ruptured tendon to the ER too. Taking care of business. Medical business. Money business, hanging on the phone for hours each day.

Plus a bit of housekeeping, seeing as how the Excellent Nephew and Sig Other are coming to visit next weekend. YAY! They'll probably stay at Mom's condo, should the Condo Commandos allow a non-first degree relative to stay there while the owner's absent. More comfy for them, less work for us. ;-)

Naturally, should the Condo Commandos bar the way, they'll be more than welcome to stay here instead. We can't offer them a swimming pool or total privacy, but we can extend a real and powerful welcome.

A free sample voice recognition program is awaiting my attention. *Dragon Naturally Speaking* or something. Walter says, --Check it out first. If you like this one, we'll buy the full $99 program. You'll be able to do a lot more with it then.--

It's hard to take care of some of this when you're as broke as we are. Just putting fuel in the car is a planning issue.

And what should happen Friday?

The income tax refund arrived.

Yes it DID.

It won't make us rich. But it's big enough to bring intense relief from financial stress, however temporary that might be.

We could spend it in one day. Easily. Of course. There's a water bill due for some $1100 from a broken pipe under the house. Tens of thousands in medical bills. Money we owe friends and family, and donations back to people who have kept us fed and electrified and on the web these past months.

There are things we need for subsistence, like restocking all the bulk goods we've slowly emptied through the crisis.

Things we both need and desire, though we could live without. *Space bags.* Soaker hoses, pine bark nuggets, flowers. House paint.

So - knowing how precarious things remain - we're holding back, just sitting on it, making a very few small purchases, carefully planned.

And...yes, a wee bit of indulgence too.

On Friday we ordered in a pizza.

On Saturday, Lotus Chinese Kitchen.

And I'm heading out to the yard in just a minute. Laying down those soaker hoses I've hungered after for 13 years.

My day is filled with sunshine.


Pretty Lady said...

Hooray! Lovely to hear some good news!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

K, check out on my bloglist "Daily Warrior"--a nice lady named Tammy. She is disabled, and somehow qualified for a FREE new computer with voice activated software that types it out for you. Seems to me like you should qualify for such a program. Go to my blog and click on her place on my bloglist and ask her how and who and such.

I need sunshine!

Granny J said...

Oh, so good to hear from you, k.

Sassy Sistah said...

Hi K. I've missed you. I haven't been around much lately - on the computer, that is. I'm sorry you're having so many additional problems. But good news on the tax refund!

BTW, I used to enjoy reading Northwoods Woman but her blog is private now and I don't have her email address. Would you be willing to ask her to unlock the door for me? I know I've commented on her blog several times but it's been awhile. If she needs it -- my email address is If you can help, thank you so much. My URL should show up here.

Thinking of you!


Nancy said...

Happiness is being able to get outside and putter around.

Sassy Sistah said...

Thank you, K. Livey let me in! Hope you're feeling a little better.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh, EFF!!! I hope you have not tripped over the soaker hose, and that you are not laying out there in the mud....

Jan said...

Joyce..I'm beginning to wonder the same thing!

Nancy said...


K is in the hospital with a bad stomach virus. W. is with her. She was asleep when I caught W on IM (gmail). I don't have any other information, if I get some, I'll add it to these comments.


Jan said...


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Yes, thanks.

Pretty Lady said...

Thanks Nancy. We're sending our love.

Nancy said...

K is in isolation with a stomach virus, she's getting better, made it to sitting at a chair today. She's getting her meds, as soon as she can keep oral meds down, and can walk around well enough to walk around in the house, they'll let her go home.

W is sick too, but not as sick, and is recovering quickly. He should be able to visit K tomorrow (3/11).

I'll update as I can.

Pretty Lady said...

Nancy, thank you so much for the update.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

We appreciate your updates, Nancy.