Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How to Not Get Around Out of Bed, and Go Broke While Getting Insulted Doing It

The *wheelchair* we've been using isn't actually a real one. It's just a *companion chair* we got to push my grandma Helen around in. The user can't propel it, except by sort of pushing against the floor with their feet.

Problem there is...these particular feet don't work much any more, either. And that chair, it's hard to use smoothly, it's hard on Walter. But I have to have it now. Can't get to the doc, or even to the bathroom, without one.

Here's why.

When I went to Holy Cross in early March, I could still walk some. Errors were made by the admitting doctor, and I can no longer walk because of those mistakes.

That event will be a front-burner battle. It's just too egregious. If I let it pass, then one day that same doc will hurt someone else, badly. He will repeat his mistakes, because he made a point of telling me he doesn't believe he did anything wrong.

I'll just leave it at that for now, okay? It's a whole another Complaint Post all by itself.

A *real* wheelchair has been officially ordered, and BCBS expects it'll be approved in a few days. But before they deliver it I have to pay a $500 co-pay.

Which I also don't have.

Since I'm disabled and sick and have medical etc. expenses far higher than my Social Security income, and Walter's disabled and has no income any more, a social worker told me DCF will probably pay part of that $500. DCF - the Department of Families and Children - handles Medicaid and welfare claims.

(*gulp!*) Yes. Life has placed me in the tender hands of the people who lost little Rilya Wilson.

So I'm hanging on the phone calling the DCF/Medicaid folks, trying to figure out why they only approved a small amount of medical help for me, and how much they might contribute to a wheelchair copay. So far, their math is way different than mine.

But every time I call, despite my perfect willingness to *hold* for hours if need be, I can't reach a Real Human. See, DCF has this New Technique. Now the recording says there's high call volume - okay, they never do have enough staff to answer, we got that a long time ago - but instead of saying, *Your call is important to us, please hold,* they just say - *Please try your call again later.*


They never even bother lying about it. Nope. No *your call is important to us* from DCF!

Raising this odd little moral dilemma: Should a realist like me feel disappointed about not getting handed a polite little white lie? I mean, honestly! It's from the government!

*whew!* Good grief, what a lot of Complaint Posts! That's enough for now.

Yes. Yes, I'll even leave off contemplating those little moral/political puzzles, and watch some nice TV instead. It's only Rachael Ray on the Food Network, but Barefoot Contessa and Bobby Flay will be on pretty soon. Oh! And perhaps some nice Deadliest Catch! Not to mention, Cold Case Files and New Detectives have been showing cases I haven't seen before...OH! An episode of Deadliest Catch is on right now! ooooo, shiny!


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