Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wha-- huh?!? Wait a sec. Happy FATHER'S Day! ha! memorial day, my dyin' a**!! some doofus sittin' around here not knowing whut the heck day it is, lor

WELL. A revelation? Nah. The holidays are a great way of remembering where one's sitting on the calendar at any given point of time. That ain't news.

So Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! Enjoy your time of BBQ'g - or having someone else feed you; of visiting with family - or simply sleeping the day away in quiet; of going out fishing - or setting some of those offspring to work sweeping out the garage. Hey. Payback time, right? You gave them life and an upbringing. They can give you a little broom time in return.

Families can be the most wonderful, and the most terrible, influences in our lives. They can kill us, or they can save us. And for many of us, over our lifetimes we experience both states of being.

So I'm going to add in the extra-firm wish that you fathers celebrating today are the happy beneficiaries of good relationships with reasonably deserving kids. That sentimental Norman Rockwell approach to life is not for me. Sorry, guys. I just never trusted it. I like reality, and that other approach is too easily used as a vehicle for denial.

No! What we want here, IMO, is a REAL and sweet relationship with said kids. So that's what I'm wishing for you dads today. The real-for-real good stuff. YUM!




Desert Cat said...

I had a Father's Day post partially composed in my head over the weekend. I just couldn't bring it together through the fever haze.

AspergantuS said...

Dam K,and I thought my stuff was bad. PLEASE tell me you're ok.... PLEASE?