Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay. I'll Keep on Talking Even if I Don't Have Much to Say.

Right now both my hands are in painful ruins, and the voice software is ever so close - but not usable yet. It makes it hard to communicate. This post took bits and pieces of about 12 hours. Not easy ones, to tell the truth.

But I had a bad night last night. So. Why would that count any differently just now? Because it would have been way worse without the comments and emails I got before I tried to sleep. Add in the sense of reconnection with the readers who haven't checked in yet. Mona. I owe you a glad debt of gratitude.

You folks are a significant part of what's been keeping me going not just since March, but through some pretty rough times the last few years. For whatever reason, however it works, I don't seem to care any more. It does work, and that's enough for me.

Awww, mush! Enough.

heh heh! LL. Half-Korean/all-Southern motorcycle mamas are not the only tough ladies around. Which, ah, needn't necessarily preclude me requesting a bit of advice here and there. In my humble opinion.

My Pops. I've been worrying about you worrying about me since this whole long episode started.

I'm so sick I can't even review much of previous posts or comments. But you figured that out, plus that it really does take physical strength to heal and to write, and helped me out once again. That's just a part of why you're such a great Pops.

As to the potential malpractice (??!) this case I, mmm, left out that the goof was ours this time. Mistakes are almost always made, on both sides, right? To me, it's when they happen like what that jerk nurse did at Imperial Point that a line gets crossed.

I miss you too, all of you, heard from already and those to come. I hope to keep up posting, even little bits, but that means I'll have to stop a lot. A new bag of antibiotics has been hung off my IV pole, and I need to baby my IV site so carefully, it's time to quit for the night.

I'll be back.


Jean said...

Dear K, you are amazing, Utterly!
You've been in my thoughts so often.
I cross my fingers every time I click over here. So glad...very find your words here this time.
Continuing good, strong thoughts your way, my friend ♥

Jan said...

Dear sick as you are, you are gracious enough to remind us that you haven't forgotten we're out here.

We'll keep on praying, and praying, and praying, as long as it takes, so just remember that, okay?

Give Walter our regards.

Kat in GA said...

Good to hear from you again... been kinda quiet in blog-world, but I've been lurking and praying....

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I've been waiting patiently, knowing you would write as you could. So glad for this post. You need to baby your whole self carefully. We're all here, all the time, even though you can't see us I'm glad you can feel our presence and all our good wishes.

So sorry for all you have to endure. Stay with us! {{{hugs}}}

John P. McCann said...

You're a tough one, that's for sure.

Love to you and Walter.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

The above post, from several million concerned Chinese, says (in translation): Dearest K, Feel better soon. Can't wait until you are home again and well! Love you lots and lots!

(My Chinese is rusty, but I THINK that's what it says.)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

WOW. Did I set off that avalanche? Sorry--I didn't mean to!

Nancy said...

It worries me that no one's been here to take the junk off. Has anyone heard from K?

Jan said...

Nancy..I came here, thinking the very same thing, planning to ask if anyone had heard anything at all.

I'm getting really, really, concerned, now.

Is it possible that they no longer have access to the Internet?

Would they have called any of you if that had happened?

I hope we hear something, soon.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

This is getting scary....

Desert Cat said...

Psst? Rumor has it you are out there somewhere. Just a word or two to let us know you're still kicking?

Love you.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...


Pretty Lady said...

Indeed. I'm not near a computer often at the moment because I'm in Maine, but am still thinking of you daily.

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