Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Ah. Independence. Now there's a theme you've seen recurring here. And its revivals won't be going anywhere but up.

Because that theme - broad and universal, timeless, so uniting on a day like today in a country like ours - hits home just as powerfully on the microcosm of one small and inconsequential life.

Like mine.

The hushed but ever-present threat of not-quite-voluntary stays in nursing homes and SNIFS probably wasn't what the founding fathers had in mind on this day in history. Seems they had some loftier thoughts in mind. Taxes. Free assembly. The safety and protection of regular folks by a government of their own choosing. Heh! Self-governance. Such a prettier word than government, isn't it?


Ah, yes.

My recent streak of good fortune continues. I haven't heard one single bottle rocket go screaming past my windows. So I'm not hiding under the hospital bed, or under the commode either. That one's worse, because you don't want to get suddenly startled and jump around while you're crouched down under there.

heh heh heh! I've acquired the most amazing new store of useful knowledge and experience, these last couple years. And if you don't mind hearing it, well then I don't mind sharing it. LUCKY you! Lucky lucky you!

I hope all y'all had a wonderful sunshiny day full of fireworks and corn-on-the-cob and parades and watermelon and BBQ and salad and fried chicken and iced tea and family and friends and neighbors and swimming and, and, and all the good stuff you might like on a day like today.

Including a simple little joy like being able to post Happy Independence Day, Everyone! once again.


Desert Cat said...

Happy Independence Day back atcha. Thanks for using the actual name of the holiday. So many just say 4th of July, but that's just the date, not the reason.

Lucky us yes. Hey where is everybody? They'll figure out you're back--just give 'em a few days.

Pretty Lady said...

Thanks for cluing me in, DC! Now I'm having trouble getting Blogger to post my comments! Ack! Let me try again!

Pretty Lady said...

Ha! That one finally went through. So let me start over. Welcome back, and I'm sorry it took me so long to find this! I'll get on FB and notify Joyce and Nancy right now. We've all been passing nuggets of non-news back and forth, and wringing our hands. So glad to read you again! We'll be thrilled with anything you post, gory or no. Also, I check my PL email less often than I check your blog, so if you send me something, use stephanie AT practicalbodywork DOT com.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh my heck, K! Thank goodness, at last! You are not inconsequential in the least ~ yes, we've all been wringing our hands and murmuring among ourselves.... This has made my day!!!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS I *heart* you!

Jan said...

K..just thought I'd check again, not really expecting to find anything, but here you've posted twice, already!

I know everyone is relieved...welcome back, stay strong!