Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Alligator Mating Season!

The day AFTER my birthday, March 25, is even more auspicious. Hard to believe, huh?


It's the official beginning of Alligator Mating Season.

Whereupon, the great silly beasties start to get...Confused.


Yet - Alert.

Not entirely logical.

But thoroughly biological.




And the sum effect of all this is, a bunch of funny, scary, weird -

and highly entertaining -

alligator antics.

They'll attack cars and other inanimate objects: a battle last year had a gator intent upon doing in a car bumper. They'll wander about in unexpected places, walking in the door of a restaurant open for air on a hot day. They'll congregate in huge groups in places where I like to wander about (safely!) and take pics.

Sometimes they'll grab a human, too. Not good. But the results -including tugs-of-war with rescuers - are spellbinding.

So are the antics of some people who cross their paths and do things no sensible human should. Like a lady who managed to drag a big heavy stunned gator into her back seat one day, scared of getting in trouble for hitting him with her car. The kidnapping was a worse offense. That's a felony. Not to mention what happened when that gator woke up.

Need I spell it out?

I just LOVE alligator mating season.

I hope to keep all y'all having as much fun with them as I do.


bebebryan said...

An alligator is just a cute overgrown lizard. Probably just ate too much weed and GROW.
If you meet one just give it some of your sweet talk. He He

k said...

Ha! But it may be too overgrown to jump on my shoulder, huh?

Weeds. Hmmm. Some people keep a goat around to eat their weeds up. I never thought of using a pet gator...