Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Upcoming Annual Pilgrimage to the Fossil Farm

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Almost Thursday.

This time next week, I'll be digging in someone else's patch instead of mine.

Naturally, I'm going like gangbusters trying to get the plants put to bed before I leave. And stock up on supplies and find all my camping goods.

Before, the excursions were either 1 day or for 3-day weekends. This time, it's a sort of staggered system. You can sign up for a few days or for the whole Tuesday - Sunday gig. And that's the one I took.


Last year, I had to do the drive twice. It's around 6 hours each way. This way, I only do it once. I love the drive, but the car's going to object.

Most of the people are the same as last year. There's only one or two I don't know. The same cook, too, which is great.

I'm so excited I can't stand it. looks like I may leave a bit early, too, because Walter was actually scheduled to deliver a load on Saturday to Arcadia. The Florida one, not the one I grew up in in CA. So I can visit with him all weekend in Arcadia, and finish the drive on Monday.

This Arcadia is very beautiful, and happens to be right at the beginning of Bone Valley. That's the area in FL where I go fossil-hunting for giant fossil sharks' teeth and such.


I can't stand it!

I'll explain about all the fossil stuff later. For now, I'm just bouncing off the walls.


bebebryan said...

I envy you going fossil hunting. I have a metal detector, and still do, and use to go hunting in the dirt. Not for fossils, but for things made of metal. Coins, jewelry, lots of beer tabs---and cans. You can get so absorbed in what you'e doing you dont even know what time it is.
I hunted on the beach, in school yards, my own yard, Loved it.
Wish I was going with you. I found a lot of small change. Even a penny was exciting when you would hear the detector beep and know you were on to something.
I'll have to get it out and see
if it's still workig.
I'm anxious to hear what you discover. Have fun.

Desert Cat said...'re back?

k said...

I was. Then I was off the air. Um, those silly broadband people wanted money and I spent it all going to the Fossil Farm. those HORRID gas prices!

Got some money. Paid up. Went around in circles with them anyway, all day.

But now I am ON THE AIR!

For how long...who knows!