Thursday, April 13, 2006

Home Home Home!

Yes, I actually made it home again! And then was without the internet for a few days, and in the process of straightening out some paperwork this morning, pulled the heck out of my back, RIGHT when I was anticipating a far more interesting date with some daylilies...oh well!

I had a wonderful time, and there is so much to tell you all, but for now I hope this little note will suffice. Outside of those minor mishaps, everything's doing well. The poor lonesome cat gets his mama back, and SHE gets to play in the yard again any time now. And tell you all the interesting doings, too.


Desert Cat said...

Oops. Just as I begin to worry, she's back!

bebebryan said...

So sorry you pulled your back.
Don't worry about the day lilies.
They are with good company and will keep.
Looked out the window and saw all
these little black butterflies having a wonderful time in my snow on the mountain. Here today,gone tomorrow. Crunch! Crunch!!!
Take care of your back. See ya.

Desert Cat said...

Um K? You wanna tell Walter to be careful on I-10 between Benson and Tucson? There was another rig crashed and burned there today. That makes the *third* big tractor-trailer accident in that stretch this year.

First lettuce. Then cooking oil. Now whatever this one was hauling caught fire.

John P. McCann said...

Hope you found a whopping great shark tooth.

k said...

Hey everyone! I'm resting up this stupid back, here. Whilst the butterflies flutter and the caterpillars munch and the daylilies yearn for the light of day...and I just have to be a patient patient for now.

I warned Walter about that Tucson stretch, there. Sounds like one of those Trucker's Jinx spots. Possibly this current load was either raw popcorn or salad dressing. But Walter says he's in Laredo, stuck for the holiday weekend, and probably going back East. Good.

I found only megalodon bits and pieces this time. No real killer teeth yet. But I was lucky to come out with anything. I got nabbed in Bone Valley by a mine security guy who was Not Amused and told me to dump my precious bucket back over the property line. But he relented.


I didn't get a butt full of birdshot pellets, either.

And that Manatee County deputy he called? Must not have been moving too fast, cause I never saw hide nor hair of him.

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