Saturday, April 15, 2006

Words, processing

I call Walter. Even though I really do remember he told me he was going to take a nap, not fifteen minutes ago.

--Oh. Are you sleeping? I ask quietly.

Like if I'm quiet enough, it doesn't really count.

--Trying to--, he answers sleepily.

ah, but sweetly, too. Good.

--I just wanted to tell you something. Something really wonderful. You know how you taught me to take the old Word Perfect 5.1 files and translate them into Word so I can print them? And then I wondered if that meant I could also copy them and save them in email? Well! It works! I did it!

--Sure. I could have told you that. I think I did tell you that. Of course that would work.

--Well, I know. I knew it all along. But that's different from actually doing it. From seeing it come on the screen in email. You know?

--Yes, I know. That's good.

--Yes! I'm so happy, I just can't tell you. It's just so cool.

--Okay. Good. (grinning, I can hear in his voice.)

--Okay. You can go back to sleep now. Sleep well. (giggling. Can't help it.)

--okay, good night. (laughing...quietly...) bye bye!

God above, I love this man. He's like a living prayer in my life.

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