Friday, May 26, 2006

And the GOOD news is...

(drum roll please)

The Plant Rescue Department is now official:

*ksquest* is a Registered Nursery.

In 2-3 weeks, my Registration Number will arrive in the mail, and I can put it out there for all and sundry to see. But as of today, I can sell nursery stock any time to any one. I'm good to go.

All for the grand total sum of $25.00, and a couple minutes to fill out an application form, and 20 minutes or so walking my property with a quiet and pleasant and wise nursery inspector called Nury. After which we sat and talked for an hour and a half, just enjoying each other's company.

I am so excited I can't stand it. Too thrilled for words.


I've considered doing this off and on for many years. Sometimes I'd think: How could I take it if, during one of my housebound periods when I can't get out and water, half my stock died? And they were plants that someone had had their eye on and wanted and cared about?

Well. I've been waiting to get it together to get a watering system in. That's one solution.

The other one was an attitude thing. It had to do with the hurricanes.

See, hurricanes are well known Attitude Adjusters.

Then, rescuing all those plants that were waiting to go to the chippers was an experience that may mean something extra to a disabled person.

It's a giving back, a validation of the worth of one's existence.

And something else: a salvaging of a life that's damaged, but still has a will to live, to revive, and to thrive in its own way. To be.

Sometimes these bad feelings hit us. We listen, right or wrong, to others or our own selves whispering in our ears about how we're not contributing, we're a drain on society, we're nanny staters, we're bleeding the healthy dry and giving back nothing in return...

With the exception of those who commit deliberate fraud, I don't go along with that kind of thinking. But I know it's there. And once in a blue moon, in a black moment, I may succumb to it for a bit.

It's not true. We all contribute one way or another, and I know I contribute in various ways that aren't small.

Seeing the life I brought back from hurricane damage meant something new. I'm not sure how or why. But I could certainly feel it. It was on the faces of the people I talked to as I made my rounds collecting bits of plants and wood, this tender and unshielded expression of relief and grief and hope all mixed up together.

If I asked, --Do you mind if I take this plant out of your debris pile and see if I can grow it?-- the answer almost always went like this: --Oh, please, please take it, yes. I'd so much rather see someone make it live and not die, if you can. I was hoping and hoping someone like you would come along before the cleanup people got here...

So now, here I am, registered and real. Knowing I found it in me to get out and water some in the recent dry spell. I lost some plants, yes. Only a few. Less than many other people who watered a lot during this unusual drought. That, I can take.

I'm still basking in the look of wonder on that inspector's face as she told me she'd never seen any grower or retailer plant plumeria the way I did. Ever. How healthy and pest-free and lush they were. Flowering in not one, but two, colors she'd never seen.

After she left, I figured this day was worth a small splurge, and headed over to Lotus Chinese Kitchen for a take-out lunch. Inside a fortune cookie I found the following message:

Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.


Desert Cat said...

Hee hee! Good advice!

Congratulations! You are officially a businesswoman now.

k said...

Oh! I've been an official businesswoman for most of my adult life. But since our shipping business is defunct, being president and owner of it doesn't really count for much. Ditto with my unused real estate broker's licenses and my magna cum laude BSBA.

This is new. This is in my life now. It belongs with the life I have now.

Like some o' that 4am gardening.

By...flashlight, say.

MistMe said...

Congratulations!!! And now a 21 moth salute! After sundown.

k said...

Thank you! hee! moth salute! I like. Always after sundown, of course -- it'd be a 21 butterfly salute otherwise.

Nancy said...

Oh, I do wish there were a way to order some plumeria from you. I've wanted some, but haven't been able to get it when I had the funds. I've got a very shady side garden and most of my back yard is shady a lot of the time. Would plumeria do well in those conditons?

k said...

Nancy, YOU are the inspiration that made me decide to call the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and see how one goes about shipping plants out of state.

The nice man told me that different states require different permits and certificates, and you need one for every shipment. If you're just sending stuff one or two times you still need those.

I told him about all my rescue plants, and how they need good homes. I want to sell and/or give away lots of plants. So he said the easiest way was to be certified as a nursery. That way, you still need a nematode inspection or such here and there -depending where you're shipping - but that's all.

Some states are completely hopeless: California and Hawaii? no plant shipping there. Sometimes Arizona too.

Long story short? I would LOVE to send you some plumeria! I do still need to check with the rules for Texas, so that will take a day or two.

Assuming it's ok to ship, I THINK the sunnier areas of your yard should be able to grow plumeria. None of mine are in full sun. But always, the best way to find out is just ask your local nursery folks. The garden guys at Home Depot, so forth. AND, that perennial favorite, your local agricultural extension service for your county.

I do this by phone, myself, and they've always been glad to help with those questions. ("Is it too cold/hot/dry/shady/sunny for xyz?")

So...As soon as we know for sure that I can ship it, and you can find a spot to grow it, it's time for YOU to...

Start Thinking Colors!

k said...

Well. I DO need a nematode certificate. They say that'll be 6-8 weeks.

If you can be patient with the reg. process, it WILL get done!

Nancy said...


But only if I'm paying for the shipping and something for the plant too. You should not be out of money for doing this.

I may have just the spot for them. Protection from the afternoon sun, but sunny in the morning and early afternoon. Most plants around here are happier that way. Otherwise, they're liable to get sunburned. And that's bad.

k said...

That sounds like the absolute perfect spot for them! The plumeria forest out back is actually in pretty much the same place, sun-wise. They get that great healthy AM sun, then by noon or so it's pretty much dappled, and by mid-afternoon mostly shady.

Oh I'm SO glad!

A SMALL amount to cover shipping is all I'll accept from you. I wouldn't take that either but something tells me I'd never be able to argue you out of it. For the plants themselves? What I would like is to see their smiling faces on your blog when they bloom.