Monday, May 29, 2006

Cats Can Read

kdad is not a cat person.

He is a dog person.

He's really come around about my cats, though. To his credit, he's willing to revise his thinking on a lot of his misunderstandings about catdom.

It's nice when one's parents listen, isn't it?

and Desert Cat both have a very good understanding about the intelligence, and lovingness, of cats.

And hearing about DC's mister hairbutt put me in mind of the day I tried to explain to kdad how cats get so smart.

He'd noticed my Babycat had a habit of sitting on newspapers and books.

So I thought he should know that cats do that because they like to read.

He just looked at me.

--Cats can read!-- I told him.

--They just use a different part of their anatomy than we do.


Desert Cat said...

BWahaha! I hadn't thought about that possibility.

Oh they're plenty intelligent--far more so than most dog-oriented people give credit for. And far more loving than they'll ever know. Unlike dogs, you need to develop a relationship with a cat before the true loyalty and love shows. Otherwise they betray no need of human companionship as a self protective measure. And that's all the cat-haters ever see.

What I've learned in recent years is how very different each one is in character and personality. It really shows when you've got as many as I do. There is no standard issue cat.

It is for good reason I choose a cat for my moniker.

Darrell said...

Not sure how much time your read or even if you do. If you have not yet, pick up one of the cat mysteries by Lillian Jackson Braun. Featuring a human and his two siamese who solve mysteries. Usually the cats figure things out and he just follows the clues.

k said...

Yes. It fits you like a glove.

And Darrell - I love to read. My normal rate of devour ranges from a book a day to a book a week. It depends how much free time I have, and when I'm outside gardening, I'm usually trying to do as much as humanly possible before the pollen count rises and I have to go inside again. So right now, I'm very slow.

I love mysteries and have been reading Ms. Braun since her first book(s?), way way back - I mean, in the sixties perhaps? Then she stopped writing for something like 18 years? I'm not too sure of my facts, but it's an interesting story.

I like the hero's cats, very much. Mine is 1/4 Siamese, tho you'd never know to look at bim. But he does *talk* some, like Siamese do. And he's extremely smart.

So was his mother - but in such a very different way, I didn't realized how smart she was for years. Ha! Smarter than *me,* who took that long to figure it out, huh?

Very different cats, those two. Both wonderful cats.