Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fried Egg Sandwiches

One thing I love about good bloggers is how they make you think about the stuff you do in your *regular* life.

Not that food should ever be, say, mundane. Horrors!

So Livey's talking about how she eats her eggs, putting them on toast. http://northwoodswoman.blogspot.com/2006/05/how-do-you-eat-eggs.html And lots of commenters weighed in with their own egg, toast, and oatmeal habits. The oatmeal with toast in it threw me. Surprised.

Just like the first time I heard about a fried egg sandwich.


Which turned out to be a heavenly meal.

Messy, but heavenly.

I always love my food hot hot hot, temperature-wise. So right off, it sounded good.

I use one or two fried eggs (over easy), on toast that's sometimes buttered and sometimes not. Iceberg lettuce, if I have it. Salt. And black pepper.

I usually dislike black pepper. But on fried eggs, and sometimes white sauce and sometimes corn on the cob -- yes. It just really, really belongs.

Last but not least: Miracle Whip.

Sometimes other fried egg sandwich aficionados tell me that putting Miracle Whip on one's fried egg sandwich is Not Right. But I do like I do with ALL food police, and totally ignore them. Exactly as they deserve.

And turn my back, to shield my messy meal from prying eyes, and enjoy the hell out of myself.


deadboy138 said...

Aha! And Kinsey Milhone (star sleuth of Sue Grafton's alphabet novels) loves boiled egg and mayo sandwiches! I LOVE over-easy eggs on buttered toast, and BTW, this is not deadboy, but pepek, home from the North Woods. My son has not yet switched my computer back to being MINE....and I did check in with you from time to time, but couldn't find Paul Bunyan's keyboard to write.

It was very HOT up in the North Woods, and humid, sort of like being in the Philippines in May!...where we were at the end of May two years ago.

It's good to be home.

k said...

She's BACK! she's BAAAAA-AAAAACK! Welcome home!

I LOVE Kinsey's sandwiches. With the sin of Miracle Whip subbing for the mayo. I'm just hopeless that way.

She loves Big Macs, too.

Hot and humid?!? You might as well have come down here!

deadboy138 said...

Fer shure. They said the humidity was 70+, which they said was TROPICAL. Now we seem to have brought back with us a huge bubble of HOT air to Slick City. It was cool and rainy all the time we were gone, and tomorrow begins a super hot spell. Go figure. They'll be running us out of town.

k said...

HA! You're doing all your weather perfectly - bass-ackwards!