Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Please Don't Scare the Tourists

Why have they been picking on women so much lately? Generally, gators go for the very young and very old. Predator style, you know. And dogs. Gators are particularly fond of dogs.

Alligator Interrupts Mermaid Show

Published: May 28, 2006

WEEKI WACHEE - This community's famous mermaids got an unwelcome swimming partner when an alligator found its way Saturday into Buccaneer Bay.

The mermaid show was delayed - and the underwater viewing room screened by curtains - while professional trapper Darrell Plank of Brooksville subdued the wayward reptile.

Plank roped the alligator and pulled it onto a floating dock in the middle of the spring as hundreds of anxious swimmers watched from the bank.

Plank estimated the alligator at 9 feet long.

"I've never seen anything like it," Plank said Sunday. "It could have been a threatening situation."

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