Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Battle of the Cereus! Family Feud!

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Blogpapa Desert Cat has pretty pix of his OWN cereus flowers to show. http://desertcat.blogspot.com/2006/05/cereus-ly.html

Now, don't think I'm not grateful. Without his input, who knows how long I might have tootled ignorantly along, thinking this was a euphorbia instead of a cactus?

However! Still and all, I declare My Pix are Better.

If nothing else, I get the Effort Prize for lighting the flower up by holding a hurricane flashlight in my left hand, while holding that camera steady not just with my one right hand, but a compromised right hand at that. And look how nice and clear it came out anyway.

Not to mention...SOMEONE took their pix in DAYLIGHT.

Is this not a Night. Blooming. Cereus.?

Sorry, Pops.


The moon is sad
The flowers, they cry all day...
--Art Ensemble of Chicago


Desert Cat said...

Not mine. They don't go to bed until 9 AM or so.

Well now. I have a couple more buds that could take a couple weeks to bloom. We'll see what I can do if I catch them. :)

k said...

Oh! well then *I* got more coming too! The battle ain't over yet!