Tuesday, May 16, 2006

He's dressed at last!

Since this is a custom splint, the velcro and straps are custom, too.

We go over the delights of velcro. We both grew up before velcro existed and we can't imagine how we made it through.

Three straps or four? She tries it on for a look-see. Posted by Picasa

Okay. Four.

Yay! All done!

Ain't that pretty though?

It's autographed too. Got a Ft. Lauderdale Hand Clinic sticker, phone number included.


pepektheassassin said...

Who's taking the pictures???

k said...

Me! Left hand. Bit blurry there.

That lady whizzing around didn't help either! She was so fast, most of my pix show this perfectly clear background - and her hands, and ONLY her hands, are a complete blur.