Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale Hand Clinic

I took the compromised hand in question to the Ft. Lauderdale Hand Clinic today.

Judging from the initial phone calls, I was pretty sure this was The Right Place to Go.

I knew it for absolute fact the minute I walked in the door.

And was even more certain-sure when I left.

Not only did the place just exude competence, there was this wonderful secure welcoming aura of care and compassion and interest and friendliness about it. That feeling was embodied in everything from the people working there to the medical equipment to the art on the walls.

I really, REALLY love good work. You've heard my thoughts on crappy work too, right? Good work makes my day. And this wasn't just good, it was GREAT.

They made me a custom splint. Real for real from scratch, all the way. They made it PERFECT. The relief was immediate. And with any luck, it'll keep me functioning and feeling better, and prevent more damage being done, until the hoped-for hand surgery.

Before I left, I wanted to know if I could actually identify the place, instead of calling it an inblognito *hand clinic.* I left a card, and expected to get a phone call in return. Instead, the nice lady said - Can you stay for a minute? - and then led me to the owner's office.

Surprised me, that.

We talked about disabilities and blogging and medical care - as in, *care.* Oh, she knows what that means. She said she knew what blogs were but had never looked at one before. I looked at her office computer and asked, --Are you on the internet right now?
--Okay, plug in this address.

She pulled up my plain jane blog and must have liked it okay as is, because she said I could put their name out there. They even have a website of their own, in those pretty S. Florida Art Deco colors: http://www.handclinic.com/

She walked me back out the door, and asked if there was anything else she could do?

--Yes, actually. I wanted to get a picture right here, coming in, but I need someone to hold the door open to get the photo - Can you?

--Sure!-- And she did.

How many clinic owners would do this for someone like me, a totally unknown new patient? Answer: I've been in a lot of clinics, folks. I never saw customer service like this in my life. That good. And literally, from the top on down.

So if you're ever anywhere NEAR Ft. Lauderdale and need some genuinely high-quality hand care, now you know where to go.

In fact, they were so extremely good I was yearning to give them Poor Mr. Foot. Well...hands are a far cry from feet. But you know how far they DO go?


Yes. As in all that PT that goes into fixing shoulder impingements and rotator cuffs! oh BOY!

I suddenly decided to move that shoulder work up a year or two on the To Do list.

Now: If you want the gory details on WHY we walked in that door in the first place, they'll follow soon. But first, here's what it all looked like, getting a perfect custom made hand splint at the fine - so fine - Ft. Lauderdale Hand Clinic.


Desert Cat said...

Well I know someone else who could use some *competent* help with his shoulders, if I could dislodge his stubborn ass from that "sports medicine" doc he's seeing.

He can't say he wasn't warned. I mean jimminy christmas! His friend Catfish went to the same doc and got the same lack of relief from the cortisone shots!

Daisycat says he should have gotten nearly immediate relief if it was going to do any good. According to her, they're just wasting his time farting around, and should go straight for an MRI and schedule the inevitable surgery.

k said...

Makes sense to me. It sounded from his description like the kind of damage that really does need that surgeon and need it right now.


Funny thing is, my totally fab hand surgeon, Dr. G., is in the same ortho partnership as the shoulder surgeon! That's Dr. R., the one that's a jerk but great at his job. The hand surgeon is the 180 opposite of the shoulder guy in temperament, tho. Dr. G is who sent me to this hand clinic in the first place. He's a treasure.