Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A lot of the 'sphere is taken up with rants.

You won't see much of that here. Some, yeah. Not much.

It's not that nothing ever bothers me. Of course it does.

But most of what I ever want to complain about in human interaction boils down to something pretty simple. So there's not much left for me to say besides this:

I hate unkindness.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

A'course. But hey, you posted this before that UNKIND woman ripped her husband's bits off! It's OK to rant some every now and again.

k said...

I do sometimes. But that lady's post wasn't a rant, really. I don't think I've actually ranted yet in this blog. Just the occasional email. A blog snark here and there.

But I will.

I pick my battles. Conserving my energy, you know. I'm big on the concept of budgeting, overall.