Friday, May 12, 2006

Red Series #2

Something about these Euphorbias makes me feel like I'm in a Modern Art gallery.

These are flowers. Those yellowish things on this stem of a plant, I mean. Actually I'm not sure that thing is even a stem. I shall call it, a Piece of Plant.

People collect Euphorbs for their flowers.

I believe I better come out with the Nikon and give y'all a very clear picture of the sort of thing we're talking about here.

Desert Rose update. It goes gangbusters blooming under certain kinds of stress: usually either not enough water, or a periodic Attack of the Fritillaries.

Posted by Picasa Somehow I've collected a lot of plants with dragon names. I like dragons. I'm not a dragon nut like a friend of mine in New Orleans was, but I like them.

They seem to like coming home with me.

On the left is Euphorbia lactea v. christata: crested, or frilled, Dragon Bones.

On the right is a fairly rare specimen: Ghost Dragon Bones. It's a white color sport of E. lactea. The pink parts are NOT flowers. They're just more bits of new stem - uh, Pieces of Plant - growing out.

BTW: Excuse the blurriness. I'm having some camera issues, and my hand isn't working too well either. So just pretend these are all clear, ok? Or pretend it was deliberate. You know. Say, modern art.

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