Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm SO sorry, but all my pix of the Plumeria Forest were blurry. Rain on the lens, on top of everything else. I'll try to get better ones tomorrow, too much pollen to go back out today.

But some of the detailed pix came out OK. Here's a nice dark pink one.

And YELLOW! oh, I have some BEAUTIFUL yellows! Baby I got plans for you!

The Plumeria Forest is out back. But I had so much, I also put some big pieces in the front yard. In my haste to get it all in the ground before I went to the Fossil Farm, I left this one leaning up against the front yard Dragon Tree.

See, that meant I didn't actually plant it. It's still just leaning there against the Dragon Tree, bare root, been there for weeks. But Plumeria's funny stuff. Vigorous. It's blooming.

I didn't plug it in, but it turned itself on anyway.

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And after our wonderful brief but intense rain this morning, out came the dragonflies. Here this one sits on that piece of unplugged Plumeria. Hello!


Nancy said...

OH! Pretties!!

I want some plumeria, but haven't been able to find some for sale when I have funds....

I've been reading your archives. Lady, you are one gusty broad.

Hat's off to ya'.


k said...

Nancy, thank you. That means more coming from you. I can see you don't have an easy row to hoe, yourself.

Ummm...ok, this is a bit embarrassing, but when you have a minute and if you don't mind, I'm curious about which post made you say that.

As far as the plumeria? I need to check with the PO about the regulations for shipping them, but if it's ok with them, I'd be glad to send you some. I need to find good homes for about 3000 plumerias! I'd be honored to contribute some to your gorgeous Garden. Very.

Let me know.