Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tiny Little Leaves

These silly Euphorbs.

It's got leaves the size of the head of a pushpin.

Chicago Darrell, your mango does look like it's got a nice sap drip on it.

I have regular plants, too. I LOVE rosemary and cook with it all the time. But this is the first time I ever had one that bloomed for me. I'd heard about it forever and yearned for rosemary flowers of my very own...oh, I'm delighted!

I want more, so I'm ground layering it. As you can see, I tend to do things the Not Fancy way. I find a stem that's long enough to lay on the ground and anchor it down with a handy piece of coral. No rooting hormone, no nothing. Come back a few weeks later, check for roots. If yes, cut it and plant it - i.e., unceremoniously stick a hole in the ground with my trusty screwdriver or Burke's blue digger, and poke the plant in. Takes 5 seconds. Works great. Posted by Picasa

Back to this beautiful Surprise Cereus. When you bloom at night, you're looking for a nightlife pollinator - say, a moth or a bat.

So why does this one have a BEE in it?

Is this something to send in a letter to Penthouse?


Desert Cat said...

Say, I just noticed you have a whole bunch of pictures in one post. And formatted to line up on one side too!

k said...

Um...of course I'd like to fake you out here and say I did it on purpose, but ol' Blogger improved its photo function. Now you can do 4 pix at a time. They line up that way all by themselves, as far as I can tell. Then I just write the text as an "edit" to the post of 4 pix.

I have a drafted post where I want to put them in all different places, all pretty. Blogger now has a "photo" click right on the "edit" page. But it wants me to put the photo's URL on it. I can do that with some pix I swipe off the net, but I don't know how to give a URL to a photo of my own. Do you know how?