Thursday, May 11, 2006

When Will the Rains Come?...

Right now, Broward County is the driest in the droughty state of Florida. Tinderbox out there. We're scared it may rain this afternoon because they think it would be not much water, but plenty of lightning...meaning, more flames.

There's so much soot in the air already, we went from our usual *air quality level 8* or so - quite good - to level 30 - stay indoors if you're elderly, a baby, or sick.

The only good news is, it's so dry the huge pollen count has dipped just a bit. The weeds and grasses aren't sprouting, or blooming much if they sprout.

Ha! And the trees are too thirsty for sex. "'Scuse me, honey, I'm bone dry..." ;-)


pepektheassassin said...

Thanks for looking at my blog. Mostly the people who come to read are my family.... But I have discovered blogging is just like being inside a fractal! The longer you look at it the more complex it becomes!

pepektheassassin said...

PS How close are you to the fires?

pepektheassassin said...

OOOPS. I left a comment (about the same) on your previous post, when this one didn't show up. But here it is!

I am computer-stupid, but getting smarter all the time. ;)

k said...

Silly Blogger has been acting up lately. I'm surprised I got it to take a post. It's been eating comments left and right.

Add to that, you're looking at the blog of the 'sphere's most lame-assed blogger. Computer-challenged people are EXTREMELY welcome here!

I live along the coast - about 2 miles inland. In our little microclimate system, this puts me in the path of more hurricane evacuations, but less fire problems. Most of the fires erupt towards the west of the 3 SoFL metro counties. There's a lot of dry brush out there, and the intersection of the undeveloped Everglades with the developed towns is where folks need to worry about their houses.

Unless I wake up in time to catch the 11PM news, I'm not up to date on the individual fires out here. I do know there's still enough burning close by that the air quality is seriously impacted. They've been showing shots where the haze is so bad you worry about driving.

Farther north, they keep shutting down I-95 in stretches where you can't see to drive. Then, yesterday?, to clear out dead trees, burned and fallen on the highway.

No rain today, either.