Sunday, June 11, 2006


Last weekend, the long, semi-mushy Thing on the Hand morphed.

For 6 months it had been hanging there more or less unchanged. It was around 2.5" long - from the wrist to the base of the pinkie - .75" wide, and stuck out about .5" high.

Suddenly it became, instead, a big round hard ball. Like a jumbo marble.

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Of COURSE this never happens during the week. No, it HAS to be on, say, Friday night. All the docs are home for the weekend.

Monday, naturally, all hell broke loose. Was it an abscess? Or just a cyst, forming on the tenosynovitis?

After many phone-callings and running-arounds and Fitting You In to the Doc's Schedule, it was determined to be a harmless cyst. No need to do the surgery any earlier.


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