Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm out, I'm fine. It took way longer than it was supposed to, but not for any bad reason. They didn't have to do any tendon grafts either. It really went well.

Can't type to save my life tho!

More later.


Desert Cat said...

Thank God. :) Doesn't mean I'll stop my entreaties, because you need to heal infection-free yet.

pepektheassassin said...

So happy for you--now just let it heal, like desert cat tells you (BTW, that's not your mother, is it?)--just foolin'.

Be well!

Desert Cat said...


Hones'ta gawd K, do I come across sounding female? I mean if you didn't know otherwise?

k said...

Not to me. Including, not by traditionally recognized *guy* measures.

And I know you don't view yourself as a *nurturing* type. But in a healthy way, you are. That also takes a certain inner security and honesty.

Guys who try to kill that off are sick and sad and all messed up. Insecure. Driven by opinions of others.

Looks to me like your ying and yang are both strong.

And also nicely balanced.

But I'm biased. I like to think I have those strong sides plus the balance, too.

I ain't feminine, as people have told me all my life.

But I am extremely female.

Um, also, in certain ways, apparently, extremely male.

I've heard both of those all my life, too.

Me, I'm content. I find it highly interesting to learn what I do about those people who tell me whichever thing.


Don't worry. You're in no danger of becoming a Mama Cat!

And never forget, we all love you exactly as you really are. And that includes all the growth and changes we all go thru, too.

pepektheassassin said...

I NEVER thought DC was a girl--I SAID I was just fooling. DC, I knew otherwise. Still. Would it be so bad???

Desert Cat said... certain respects, no.

k said...

Of course not! Women are YUMMY.