Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hey Kids! Tired of Dead Terrorists? Of Surgery? Of Awful Stupid Human Tricks?

WELL then! How's about a nice tropical storm?,0,1614717.story

Weather system off Yucatan could become season's first tropical depression

By Ken Kayesun-sentinel.comJune 9, 2006, 12:42 PM EDT

An area of disturbed weather in the northwest Caribbean, a couple hundred miles east of Mexico's Yucatan, could turn into the season's first tropical depression on Friday or Saturday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami-Dade County said. A hurricane hunter aircraft is being dispatched to investigate on Saturday.

If so, the season would be starting almost as early as last year, when the first depression formed on June 8 and became Tropical Storm Arlene. That system produced squally weather in South Florida and pummeled the Gulf Coast near the Florida-Alabama border on June 11.

This one appears to be heading toward western Cuba, and even if it doesn't form, Belize and Honduras, the Cayman Islands and Cuba can expect to see heavy rains, the hurricane center said. It's too early to say if South Florida would be in its path.

Despite its close proximity to land, forecasters said upper level winds have become conducive for storm development. If it were to grow into a tropical storm, it would be named Alberto.

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Anonymous said...

and if you kids still aren't excited by the prospect of a storm check out this system for tracking the hurricanes.

can you say june madness?

k said...

Now that is CUTE. I shall follow the contest with great interest.