Saturday, June 10, 2006

Desert Cat, meet pepektheassassin

Since my response to their comments got post size, I decided to post it.

hee hee! oh, happy day! DC, meet a nice assassin!

Miss Assassin, Desert Cat isn't quite my mom - he's my blog dad. I went trawling for a good debater, one fine day, on my blogmom's blog (Little Miss Attila). I left some mildly provocative comments about the tsunami volunteers, things that were at odds with LMA's general readership. I wanted to discuss issues with someone who held different views than mine, but held them THOUGHTFULLY and sincerely.

And who should take the bait but this one. He was one of the very few non-friends&relatives who went on my email list back when I was still *closet blogging.* We have so many striking similarities in our histories, our personalities, our likes and dislikes, that I feel like he's a long lost brother or a male alter ego. Even though we still disagree, even profoundly, on many things. Eventually he became my blogdad, and the rest, as they say, is history. In our tiny way.

DC, I've been meaning to ask if you've dropped by pepektheassassin's site yet, . She is a pheeeeenom. A published poet and poetry instructor (professor, perhaps?) and lover of all kinds of other art, including that gorgeous art of mother nature - eg, quantum see her marvelous pix from deep space, via the Hubble telescope. Check it out. You will be blown away. She puts my art sense into fits of ecstasy. Here, this is a particularly fine post for you personally:

DC, she even likes my blurry pix!

pta, DC has a great intuitive layman's grasp of medicine. E.g.: He understands various distant sequela of these chronic MRSA infections - like that this surgery, not such a big thing on its own, but badly complicated with the allergy etc. problems, is actually fraught with only one great danger: infection.

That's why, when I tried to release him from his prayers for my safety, he said he's not done yet.

And since I have a powerful impression that his prayers are exceptionally potent, I won't say nay. I'm conscious of the fact that I still need all the help I can get. And I may not know otherwise for as much as three weeks.

That's a long time to hold my breath.

This way, I can breathe.


pepektheassassin said...

Many thanks for your kind words! Professor? ROTFL! Nah.... I do love poetry, spacey pictures, and quantum physics. Now, if someone would just write a book explaining it, in words of one syllable! Actually, Tim Allen does a pretty good job of that (yes, indeed, Tim Allen of Tool Time or whatever that old TV show was called) in his book "I'm Not Really Here." A good read. Did you finish "Pilgrim?"

pepektheassassin said...

Hey, what IS a bankbuster? Sounds like someone who wears a ski mask and carries a stick of dynamite in a briefcase...

k said...

She's stalking muskrats now. Ha! Leaving her dignity behind for the sake of seeing critters. So many people never make that step. Good on her.

Here's my *bankbuster* post. Actually, technically, I was more what they call a *workout specialist.* The pure, full-time bankbusters would collar us for special assignments as helpers when they shut down a big bank. My main role was in the liquidation phase, after the *busting* phase wound down. But I did a fair amount of busting, too.

We go by many names, colloquial & formal both. I negotiated resolutions for big delinquent commercial loans, usually mortgages on commercial real estate. They were almost always from failed banks & S&L's. But of course, even a healthy institution can have delinquencies that call for workout specialists.

Just a fancy way of saying we were big-debt collectors, with Federal Agent powers.

When I finally learn how to do that linky thing I'll put this link in my profile.

(lame-ass, I know!)

k said...

aaauuuugggghhhh!!! broken link, lame-ass SQUARED!

sorry! hope you can cut & paste!

k said...

that tim allen interests me. i never watched the show really, his character was just not for me, but what fascinated me was how opposite to his real-life personality it was said to be. how could he play that jackass so extremely well? so I may actually buckle down and read that book, i bet it's one that will surprise me. and very pleasantly!

my pops - i mean desert cat - is a civil engineer, waterworks type, and i have an inkling he knows his space physics in a much better way than yours truly. put that with these of our mutual interests: photog, poetry, the beauty of space, spirituality...the second i hopped on your blog i was pinging *dc dc dc*!!!

then he hopped on granny j at exactly the same time.
which also cracked me up on the *mutual interests* front, esp. WRT rocks. this old post of mine may help explain that:

Desert Cat said...

I actually read that Tim Allen book a few years ago. Rather interesting as I recall, though I don't remember many of the details now.

I don't understand quantum physics too well--most laymen, even smart-uns don't. And I'm most certainly a layman in that category, my engineering credentials notwithstanding.

k said...

It's interesting how even we who love various math-related sciences can have pronounced likes and...disinterests within them.

I detest statistics. And I had to take so MUCH of it. I would tell the other students, if I have to pull one more effing red marble out of someone's hat I will subsequently PUKE in it!

I like space physics fine, but they just never moved me like calculus or the weirdie math of finance did.

I never studied string theory. I've often wondered if that might have been a linking-type mental turnon for me, one that could pull me into outer space. It's got that conjunction of order and chaos that really draws me in other pursuits.

I bet if you felt like sinking into it you would understand quantum physics just fine.

But the people we may both be thinking about are those that just...GET it, who understand it so readily they don't need that applied effort.