Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 5th of July!


I see I slept through all the fireworks.

But I hope all y'all had a great one, anyway.


pepektheassassin said...

Had a quiet one. I bought some roasted chicken and potato salad, some already cubed watermelon, and some Krispy Kremes. We set off a few fireworks in the front yard, and then watched the rest on TV. It was a good day.

The dogs hated it. (WE adoted two of them, brother and sister, last Christmas). One was frightened enough by the popping fireworks and the thunder cracking that he had a couple of accidents on the rug. (He refused absolutely to go outside...) so he sat on my lap and shivered. I told him, it's ok, little dude. I know you're doing the best you can.... He's glad it's over! But we here in Utah have another one coming up on the 24th (Pioneer Day) to celebrate with fireworks and parades, etc., so we'll see how it goes.

pepektheassassin said...
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Nancy said...

Turns out that Chuckles the WonderDog doesn't like the combination of thunder and fireworks either. We were driving home from my mom's house ('bout 100 miles from our house, close by Texas standards) and suddenly I had a lap full of 35 pounds of long legged dog. Shaking, shivering, panting dog. Near as I can tell, he levitated from the floor between 'Pup and I.

'Pup just said it was a good thing for all of us that he didn't try to get into 'Pup's lap, as it would have made it a little difficult to drive.

k said...

Ha! I'm with your dogs, me. I hate the sounds of fireworks, any kind of explosives really. When I realized I'd slept through it all I was intensely relieved! One of nicest 4th's in a long time.