Monday, July 17, 2006

News from the Sassy Front

Miss Sassy Sistah, who is extremely funny and smart and sweet and tough and loves good food and is a great storyteller and, oh, is just about everything you want in a blogger - well, she got her gallbladder out this morning at 6am.

I got mine out in 2001. It was no fun. I did have some minor complications, but still. The pain when I awoke from surgery was almost the worst I've ever felt. And believe me, that's saying something.

So I'm hoping she'll be okay. But I don't know.

See, just yesterday, somehow her entire blog got ate.

The day before major surgery.

And the wonderful, efficient, sweet - excusemeImeankickass - LL said she'd help. But! I couldn't find Sassy's email address in time! And off she went to the Icky Place, without all our mama'ing to speed her on her way.

Here that's email address now:

I just can't imagine how awful that must have been, to lose your blog the day before gall bladder day. And Good Ol' Blogger never answered her call for help. Never answered any of mine, either, except once or twice I got form letters telling me to check my cords and clear my cache, or some such bs I'd already tried.

So I'm hoping all y'all can send her a note to say we hope she's still kicking ass real good, and not bleeding out too much, and can breathe some, and has, uh, well they make you move your bowels and REALLY get on your case about it so I hope that's worked out good - so to speak! - and all that kind of thing. Plus, that she didn't assault any nurses or docs or techs as they did awful rude things to her.


If any of you hear anything about how it went, could you please leave me a comment or email? I'm off to bed now but I'll be up around 4 or 5am to check back.



kenway said...

Thanks a lot for posting sandy's address, I sent her a note early this morning and was thinking it would be nice if she had a BUNCH of them when she came back. Looks to me, like you, she is a classy lady!** Ken

k said...

What? Even after that obscene tomato pic? ;-)

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