Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Obscene Tomato for Acidman

Yup. Posted by Picasa


Nancy said...


pepektheassassin said...


Livey said...

why don't I see it?

k said...

Miss LIVEY! 8>0 !!! you CAN'T?!? i'm shocked, I tell you!


It looks like, uh, well...oh hell, can't think of a nice euphemism here - It looks like an erect dick.

Pointy, tho.

Sort of like a dog's.

Red, too.

Attached to a nice big round testicle-looking thing.

Course, all your dogs are bitches, but still...

I guess I could have gotten the pic at a better angle. But the fun thing with most obscene fruits & veggies is, they almost never look exactly like the thing in question. They usually just suggest it.

Requiring a good clean dirty mind to get the connection.


You are TOO NICE for your own good!


Livey said...

I see it now!

Anonymous said...

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