Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's 1:50 AM. Do you know where your hurricane supplies are?

Yes I do! All squared away.

I went to Sam's this morning for latex gloves and rubbing alcohol. Without them I couldn't continue the bricklaying.

A little later, I saw Ernesto's change of direction and knew I'd feel safer if I had a greater supply of meds. This is tricky on a plan that only allows you to fill 30 days' at a time. [*grrrrrr!!!!!*]

So I: called the doc about some meds details; called the bank and got them to early-release the $379 hold on a check I'd deposited that's my only source of funds just now; left for the second time around 6:15, went here and there and everywhere, and finally got home around 11:30 PM.

Only to find that in my absence from the local weather news, ol' Ernie pretty much fizzled out. Relatively, I mean.

Well, GOOD. This means I don't have to fill 4 nasty gas cans tomorrow, yay! In fact, there isn't anything more I *have* to do at all.

So I think I'll finish the front patio, and when it starts getting rainy, sit back here and show you some of my prep-shopping pix. Oh, they are something else!

AFTER I sleep some.


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